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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chickenpox from 16-28 June 2015!

Ryan developed fever on 16 Jun 2015 evening. I did not expect chickenpox outbreak as he already certified when he was 3 year old. Hence I tot was just normal fever. I looked after him throughout the night without sleeping much. I ended up taking a day off from work as I had a bad cough too. We went to the clinic at icon to obtain my mc as I had seen the doc on previous night. Ryan was initial diagnosis with fever.. Till late evening, I observed spots on his body and hand. We decided to bring him back to the same clinic again. The doctor  said it was chickenpox and I was shocked to hear that as this was the least expectation. Ryan was given another week of mc as his chickenpox was not 100% confirm. The next day, daddy took urgent leave to look after Ryan. I returned to work an we ended up took alternate day off to look after Ryan till the next following Friday. 

Ryan had a full bloom on 3rd day morning. His whole body was packed with big and small pox. It looked very scary am I was terrified to look after him. I do not know how I should look after him. I apply young living oil diligently on him day and night hoping to make him comfortable. As day passed by, I saw improvement and on day 11... Almost all scan dropped and on day 12, 28 June, Ryan was certified fit to resume his daily activities. He attended his cma lesson at 130pm. And after lesson, we went for lunch at tomato and we went to clementi for his animal kaiser game. Ryan had a fun day today.

Posted by RyanLiko at Sunday, June 28, 2015

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New milestone in 2014

Turning 7 year old going to primary 1. This is what everyone is going through. Today is my first Chinese spelling, this fri gonna be my first English spelling too. Mum was very worried and everyday I was tested for past 7 days. Hopefully will get a good result for the first time.

Posted by RyanLiko at Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

4th tooth dropped on 05052013

Today I dropped my 4th tooth early in the morning. My 3rd was dropped 5 days ago in the morning before I went to zoo with my friend. So coincidence is that last year may my first tooth dropped and in June last year my 2nd bottom front tooth dropped too.

Posted by RyanLiko at Sunday, May 05, 2013

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Cruise by Legend of the Seas

Posted by RyanLiko at Friday, January 11, 2013

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Ryan 's 6th Birthday!

Posted by RyanLiko at Friday, January 11, 2013

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Xmas to last day of 2012

I started my fever on 25 dec and end up all of us end up staying at home the whole day!

On 26 Dec, Boxing Day, dad & mum took leave and we went to vivo city as dad need to settle his camera stuffs! We also went funan mall and mum bought dad a camera bag for his Xmas present. I was having on & off fever today!

27 Dec 2012
Mum was on leave today. My fever seemed to continue and mum decided to bring me for a doc at market. We went there and it was very crowded! Finally when it reached our turn is already 1130am, I started to vomit when I was inside the clinic and it got worst after my meal and I throw out all the food immediately. Mum quickly went back to clinic and we requested some vomiting medicine. I rest at home the whole day and finally my vomiting stop after medication. Mum cooked instant noodle and I ate all! I was sick but I still can eat. We stay at home the whole day and I fix up my Lego car with little help from mummy.

28 Dec 2012
Mum suppose to go back to work today but because my fever still persist, so decide to take leave! We went for haircut at lakeside mrt and then we took mrt to jp . My fever is better and still on & off! Mum bought me a set of angry bird pajama and we stay at jp and wait for dad to join us for dinner! We had dinner and went home around 9pm! Took my medicine and fell asleep very fast.

29 Dec 2012
My fever is super irritating! On & off and I took nearly 2 bottles of panadol. Mum brought me back to the clinic as it quite abnormal for me to be sick for so long! I was given antibotic and more fever medicine. I need to be recover latest by tmr as it will be party time and my early birthday celebration with my cousins!

30 Dec 2012

I try my best to maintain my temp but halfway thru the party, my fever came back and I need to isolate myself away from my cousins. But it was an enjoyable day for me!

31 Dec 2012
Last day of 2012.... My fever still the same... We stay at home the whole day and din go anywhere. Dad took a day off to look after me while mum went back to work. Fever throughout the whole day!

Posted by RyanLiko at Wednesday, January 02, 2013

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 Jan 2013

I was woke up by mum early in the morning at 730am! We took a cab to KKH children Emergency to see doc as my fever still could not subside by the 8th days! 2 more days we would be going for our holiday and yet I still having fever above 38deg! The queue was quite short and I got number 20! I had a blood test with a pricked on my left hand finger with few drops of blood dripping into a tube! We were told to wait for an hour before we can know the results! We went for our first meal in 2013 at Kopitiam and had a nice delicious breakfast! I finished all the noodles that mum fed me as I still feel pain on my finger!
The results was faster than we expected! When we return back to the waiting area, we saw that we actually missed the number! End up we had to wait another 15mins! The results shown that I am having viral infection and do not required any antibotic or jab. We took the medicine and left KKH at 1130am by cab.
The rest of the day, I either sleep or watch tv. Mum went to jp in the evening and got me a new pair of shoe for the holiday.

Posted by RyanLiko at Tuesday, January 01, 2013

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mum's Birthday! 26 Sept 2012

Car rental on 22 Sept
Mum & Dad were both certified free from HFMD and we went to rent a car for outing this weekend. Dad brought me along to collect photo at Bukit Batok and a quick visit to clementi to get the curtain alter, while mum need to finish household chores before we could go out for the day. Yiyi join us for the trip and we went to quite a few places. We went bedok to visit 三叔公chicken rice factory followed by pâté lai Thai temple and lok yang da Bo gong temple. Thereafter, we had our dinner at bottle tree restaurant at Yishun.

Chalet on 23 Sept (sun)
We had our chalet at downtown east and BBQ for the night to celebrate mum birthday! Mum meet her friend Fong Fei ah Yi at clementi with yiyi and her friend. They went to chalet earlier than me because my phonics class end at 4pm. Dad pick me up at school after he went to goat farm to get milk for me. We reached the chalet at 5pm plus and yiyi already started the fire. I dun enjoy BBQ so I stayed inside the chalet to watch tv and play games, while the adults were busy BBQ outside. After the meal, we had a cake cutting session for mummy which cake bought by yiyi. Around 11pm, all were very tired and we end our party.

24 Sept (mon)
I had a quick swim and we checked out of the room at 930am. We drive to few places trying to find nice good before returning the car. We end up at old airport hawker centre and mum went there to pack our lunch.
We rested for awhile at home before we went out to city hall at 3pm. We went window shopping and decided to have a bowling session at marina square. After bowling, we had our dinner at cafe cartel.

Bowling 25 Sept
Mum's company having bowling fun at Jurong Super Bowl. Mum brought me along. We had our dinner at KFC followed by proceed to bowling. I only enjoy my gaming there but not the bowling. Luckily got 1 jie jie to play with me.

Mum's Birthday 26 Sept
Mum & me meet up with daddy and 姨婆at 八宝斋, at 1145am to have our vegetarian lunch! After the lunch, dad went back to work, while we continue our shopping at outram park. 姨婆 bought me a Lego and we went to bugis to eat ice cream at Swensens. I decided to follow 姨婆回家,while mum and dad meet at bugis for dinner at MOF. After their dinner, they came to fetch me at 姨婆家 around 9pm

Posted by RyanLiko at Friday, September 28, 2012

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Friday, September 21, 2012

21 Sept 2012, Friday

I went back to school after resting at home for nearly 2 weeks! Mum brought me to school around 1015am and thereafter she went to salon to cut her hair.

Posted by RyanLiko at Friday, September 21, 2012

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last mon, I was detected with HFMD while in school. Dad came back in the afternoon to fetch me to see doc. From that day onwards, mum & dad took turn to take leave looking after me. After 1 week, I still not fully recovered. Mum & Dad both started with the same symptoms as me this week mon, hence the 3 of us started the whole week quarantine at home. We sleep, eat, play together which is something very rare & unusual, but is quite relax for us. Today, mum brought me to see doc an I was finally certified free from HFMD.

Posted by RyanLiko at Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Confirmed is HFMD on 11 Sept 2012!

This morning I woke up and mum checked thru my body and saw lots of spotty on my hands, legs, feet, and body! And is confirmed to be HFMD. I stayed at home while mum go And buy breakfast! We stayed at home the whole day and I enjoyed my tv session cos I was on mc!

Posted by RyanLiko at Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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A day at the Zoo! 8 Sept 2012

We went to the zoo quite late around 1pm. We went to 2 shows and I had great fun at the kidzworld playing with the water playground! Had my KFC at the zoo and finally walk till 7pm. Thereafter we took the bus to AMK hub and shop till 9pm.

Posted by RyanLiko at Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Sept 2012. Suspected HFMD

This afternoon, mum received a call from teacher Ching Ying around 1pm that I was found with red spot inside my throat & mouth. I was segregated from my classmates and Joshua and me were kept in aircon office. Dad came around 2pm to fetch me and brought me to see dr Philip Tan. Dr tan could not confirm if is HFMD hence he have me 2 days MC and to go back to see him on wed. Mum worked late today and return home at 820pm with dinner from clementi. I was hungry and I ate the chicken chop with rice and 2 BBQ chicken wings.

Posted by RyanLiko at Monday, September 10, 2012

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Is a rainy Xmas day... Been raining since yesterday.... Mum was working today, hence left dad & me at home. We had a Xmas party yesterday night at grandpa's house. I received many pressie from my aunts.... Yesterday yiyi always moved in with us.... Mum bought a police Lego car for my Xmas present & 3 pcs of clothes for my hong kong trip. Tonight we ordered pizza hut for dinner and the food arrived at 845pm.

Posted by RyanLiko at Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Monday, September 26, 2011

9 sept 2012. (sun)

I had my usual classes in the morning and afternoon. When mum came back from work at 615pm, I was playing Mario wii games with daddy. Mum decided to go JP for dinner and hence she brought me along. We took a lift from yiyi and mum had her dinner at Carl Junior! We shop around till 930pm then we took bus back. I sleep around 11pm but shortly after I slept, I woke up crying in pain in the tummy and mum brought me to toilet. While sitting on the toilet bowl, I vomited out on the floor and mum was very pissed off with me, as the cleaning up is very tedious. I vomited out all the food I ate at Carl junior and the toilet was very oily and stink!

Posted by RyanLiko at Monday, September 26, 2011

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Day 2011

I was having fever since yesterday midnight 12. Mum end up didn't go to work while dad was on leave. We went to our regular clinic but dr Philip is not there. I was seen by another lady doctor. I was prescribed with many medicines. In the afternoon, mum went to sgh to visit wai gong while dad & me stay at home to rest.

Till today my fever was never down.... Mum was worried that by tomorrow if I don't get well, I won't be able to go school, as dad needs to go back to work le. Mum take leave tomorrow cos she need to go sgh to discharge wai gong to another hospital at kwong wai shui hospital . We had stay at home since yesterday.... But somehow I still not getting any better.... I wanted to go out badly but was declined by them. Actually I really wish to go Jurong point for a walk. Well hopefully I can recover by tomorrow. No one knows what will be tomorrow like....

Posted by RyanLiko at Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are all sick.

I was discharged on tuesday afternoon by the doctor and dad brought me home.

Yesterday dad had diarrhea for the whole day and only went to see a doctor in the evening when mum returns home. In the afternoon, I managed to poo and at the same time Ah ma came with Aunty Margreat. Mum was not well too..she is running fever since yesterday night too....maybe all linked to my viral....

Today is mum turn to go see doctor cos she had diarrhea too around 4am. hence we all stayed at home the whole day doing nothing but relax only. Today I finally can ask for food & I ate a pancake from Mac. Some rice & meat for my dinner, 2 packets of milo. Thats consider alot already...

Posted by RyanLiko at Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Monday, January 17, 2011

I was hospitalized twice in a week.

After see the doctor at A&E, I was admitted to KKH again, as I have not eat & drink for past 2 days. I was warded to Women tower ward 31, bed 14 this time instead of the usual ward at children tower at ward 66. This tower seem much quieter but the one sleeping next to me keep coughing very badly at high.

I woke up around 8am and had my first cup of milo. Thereafter I refised to take in an food. Mum brought me to Kopitiam foodcourt but I just don't want anything and ask for mac harsh brown. Mum thought is o harm trying see f I can take it some bites so bought me 1. Before eaing I had told mum about my tummy pain. After just a few mouthful, I started to throw out again...lucky mum got a bag ready for me already. I spend he next few hours in the ward playing DS, watching youtube and lying on the bed complainig stomach pain.

I was not well that day, vomited a few time but the nurse can't be bother to give me medicine. It was only when I started to cry in pain & vomiting around 5pm, then they quickly came in with medicine for me. i did not eat for the whole day only taking sip of water. Dad came around 8pm and my principle & teacher Lay Leg came to visit me at 830pm with a ballon attached to a little kitten. mum left with them around 9pm.

Posted by RyanLiko at Monday, January 17, 2011

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I vomited since yesterday

Yesterday dad brought me to Ah ma house in the afternoon and bought my lunch. After eating halfway through, I started to vomit.... Ah ma gave me water to drink but I still vomited. After awhile dad brought me home to rest till mum came home at 5pm. She made milk for me but after drinking 4ounces, I started to throw out on the bed. After clearing the mess...I was not feed with anything except water & medicine. Dad bought medicine to insert into my annus to clear my bowel and I sleep very early yesterday night.

I did not mak much noisewhen I sleep. I only woke up this morning around 830am. Mum gave me milo to drink but I vomited all out. Mum latter went to Boon lay to visit Wai Po and bought me noodle soup. I only ate a little bit before I realized I had vomited all out again. I was feed with water and medicine. I didn't eat anything after that and started to fall asleep till 5pm. I woke up with fever again at 38.4 deg and mum quickly fed me with panadol but i vomited out in less than 5mins time. Dad brought me for a cold bathe and was fed with 2nd dose of panadol. Immediately after that i throw out again but my fever has subsided too....

It was about 2 hours later, mum & dad decided to bring me to KKH. We took MRT there and I was quite lively on the way there.

Posted by RyanLiko at Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My 4th Birthday at Genting

My fever was subsided on the day of our genting trip on 10 Jan. So we proceed with our trip there... We took the coach at Boon Lay around 730am and we are lucky to get into the luxuaries coach whereby there is games & big massage chair. However 3/4 thru our journey, I had fever again...mum quickly fed me with panadol & let me sleep through the journey before we reached genting at 130pm.

My fever was up & down throughout the day but the worst time is during night time when my fever shoot up to the highest. I vomited, fever, & crying in pain...Before the night, we even visited the doc at Genting clinic and paid RM120 for 3 bottle of medicineplus consultation. There ae many times, when dad & mum decided to go back immediately but could not find souce to do so...as we didn't bring laptop along. We managed to go thru the toughest period and slept from 5 to 8am. When I woke up, I was full of energy getting ready to celebate my birthday. I had my breakfast at Mac and latter proceed to buy the 1 day ticket for the indoor amusment park at RM38. I was very happy and enjoyed my rides very much untill around 2pm+ whereby I started to feel sick again...We went back to our room to take medicine and mum wanted me to sleep before I can play late on. During this period,mum & dad decided to look for source to get airticket to go back Singapore tonight as my fever was not very stable. Dad came back with details of flight but didn't manage to book it as the internet is very lag. We packed all our stuffs and checked out of the oom at 415pm. managed to get bus ticket to go KL at 5pm sharp.

We took monorail to KL Sentral to look for airasia counter but was disappointed that it must be booked 4 hrs prior departure. So we were told to go immediately to airbook to book for last minutes flight. We took Airbus to the airport and in the last hour, we managed to get 3 tickets back to Singpore at 103opm fight at RM487. I vomitted on the flight before the flight landed at Singapore. We landed and clearance all done around 1130pm. We immediately took a cab to KKH A&E and was directly admitted to the hospital. Mum took a cab to go home at 2am as she need to go work the following day.

Posted by RyanLiko at Wednesday, January 12, 2011